Splurge or Save Fathers Day Buy Guide


  1.  He will never want to wear a different pair of sweatpants
  2.  Nike shorts that he will live to workout and weekend in.
  3. The new Nike FlyKnit 270s
  4. A nice travel kit for the frequent flyer. Get it monogrammed and fill it with travel sizes of his favorite products.
  5. If he wants to smell like a man- this fancy cologne does the trick.
  6. Handsome shirt from a favorite Men’s brand. Help him step up his wardrobe.
  7. Bose Sound bar. Best bang for your buck.
  8. The latest in digital frames. Comes in many options. A simple app makes it so easy to keep Dad’s or grandpa’s frame updated with the latest pics.
  9. If he likes music, audio books, podcasts, if he commutes, if he runs, if he talks on the phone all the time- he will love AirPods.
  10. For the entertainer. Fill this cooler on wheels with his favorite drinks.
  11. This vibrating foam roller is perfect for the active man in your life.
  12. He doesn’t know yet how much fun he will have with this backpack leaf blower.
  13. Whether scooting to work or keeping up with the kids- this scooter is a dad favorite.


  1. This cologne sampler allows him to test out the most popular scents and then trade in for a full size of his favorite.
  2. If your man has facial hair- this beard bib is a game changer.
  3. Simplify his life with this Wallet iPhone Case
  4. Use this tracker on car keys, suitcase, anything you never want to lose. (You could even use it to track your husband 😉
  5. This insulated stainless steel colster will keep his can cold on the hottest of days
  6. This car vacuum will come in handy for the man with a messy car or the man that keeps it tidy.
  7. A simple and sturdy grilling set
  8. Some fresh Vans
  9. If he wears dress shirts on the regular- he will love a set of Metal collar stays
  10. You can never go wrong with a pair of these Stance socks
  11. Indoor/Outdoor Stovetop Smoker
  12. Only the best golfballs
  13. A good book anyone would love and everyone should read.
  14. This hot honey is good on everything from pizza to ice cream.
  15. Dry Powder
  16. Every man should own a Multi-Tool
  17. A cozy Hammock to take anywhere.
  18. Kan Jam is such a fun game to play at the beach or in the backyard. We think this glow in the dark version could be even more fun.
  19. He would have fun making a little wager on a game of Nighttime Corn hole!
  20. Stop fighting over the blanket and get him his own Adult Swaddle Blanket.
  21. If he is a cookie connoisseur he will be stoked to end Father’s Day with a box of the best chocolate chip cookies. (You can venmo and pre-order for a Fathers Day delivery.)

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  1. Sheena

    June 14, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    The corn hole link is incorrect. Can you link the correct one please?

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