Jenna Fischer’s Favorites

Our girl @jennafischer is the REALEST. She loved this idea of sharing favorite finds with friends and WANTED IN. Yes, please! Here are her current Amazon favorites (is this real life – pinch us). We already ordered them all!

STARS – they’re just like us. Only, in this case, kinder and more generous. <3

  1. Infuser Water Bottle – Nutritionists tell us to drink 96 oz. of water a day – that just got a whole lot easier!
  2. Detangling Brush – Giving the WET brush a run for its money.
  3. Tend Skin Liquid – Jenna says it is “literally the BEST thing if you shave your bikini area”
  4. Silk Sleep Mask – Looks dreamy and noted as a #1 Best Seller. 😉
  5. Favorite Game – We never say no to a fun game. This one is Jenna’s favorite and has won tons of awards.
  6. Block Set – Jenna says these blocks are a great kid’s gift.
  7. EVOO Oil Dispensing Bottle – Dispenses just the right amount of EVOO.

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