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Jenna Fischer Fan Club

We are big fans of this actor and all around great person.  We were fully FAN GIRLING when she wanted a box from us!! We filled it with THE BUY GUIDE heavy hitters. These are things we use in our everyday lives. We love them, our followers have loved them, and we thought Jenna would love them too.


The Buy Guide MVP cup.  Jenna joked about filling it with coffee- but it’s our favorite way to stay hydrated.

Our favorite travel pillow. Take’s up less room and works better.

Fabulous eye gels – because every woman needs to look more rested than she is sometimes.

Even famous people need to clean their counters. We love this counter spray. 

The reusable bag we keep with us always. Small, lightweight and but massive carrying capacity.

Universally flattering lip gloss– and it feels good on. Don’t you wanna feel just a little bit like Rhianna? We do.

Add some heat & excitement to your food. Seriously so good on avocado toast.

This knife might change your baking game. Serve perfect brownies.

An adult swaddle from Goosebumps. We use ours on the couch, on the sidelines of kids’ games, and even at the beach.


Our kids can’t quit this card game

These frisbees are a summer staple. Easier for kids to throw and catch.

Best-selling paint sticks

Little girls love these sparkle gel crayons.

Kids love making art over and over again with these magnetic shape sets.

Catching bugs is a perfect way to keep kids exploring outside this summer. Catch, release and view up close with this bug catcher.

Every little girl should be read this book.

Can never have too many goggles. We are fans of these ones.

Cute handwriting workbooks.

Summer grade level workbooks are fun and they will love the sticker map in the back to keep track of their progress.

Paint by Sticker is a favorite quiet activity. No mess. No noise. Kids love it and mom loves it more.

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