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Mothers Day Buy Guide

It’s time to start thinking about something special for your Mother, Grandmother, Mother-in-Law, Step-mom, Wife… or any other woman you love to celebrate. We’ve created two separate lists: pretty and practical. We think you’ll know which list your mom would appreciate  ...

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The Home Edit Boxes

CLEA’S BOX Our beloved water cup in white and black. Her favorite colors. Wildfox makes the coziest sweatshirts. This one was the perfect colors and perfect saying for Clea. Did you see their stories about the Uber with Karaoke in the back seat!? So hilarious. With this karaoke  ...

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Gifts, The Kids

Tween/Teen Easter

Easter stuff for older kids is a little different. There’s not much talk of “bunnies”, if you know what I mean. But, its just as fun. Our favorite tradition is hunting for baskets. My parents did this for us every year and we all loved it. We write 3-5 clues (usually rhyming)  ...

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Jenny’s Box

Most of the things on this list are things we’ve already expressed our love for. We sent a box of goodies to our friend, Jenny Komenda, and some of you are asking for them. So here they are: BEST CUP EVER.   If you’ve been here a minute, you might be sick of hearing about this. But  ...

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Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine’s is what I call an “extra curricular” holiday. Which means it gets a big fat eye roll from me! I do what I can, and don’t worry about all the heart attacked breakfasts other families are partaking in and posting. If that is your love language, more power to  ...

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Life Changing Books

The best kind of books are ones that you think and talk about for years. These 3 books have been that great for me. I’ve read (or listened) to them many times. I’ve said this before- but I LOVE listening to non-fiction. Especially when the author is the reader. It’s like a new  ...

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A great New Years resolution is to journal more. Reflect more. Share more. Remember more.  For yourself, for your children, for future generations. It is one of those old fashioned things that we should never stop doing. These journals would also make a fantastic gift. A birthday, a newlywed, a  ...

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Prime Party II

Before the chaos of Christmas began, I hosted a night of favorites from Amazon Prime – a “Prime Party”. Each person brought their favorite item(s) from Amazon Prime ($35-$50 budget) and we played White Elephant style. Everyone loved it and couldn’t wait to  ...

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