Camping Essentials

All three of us are definitely not campers, but we feel a whole lot better about it when we have the right gear. Here’s our list of essentials.


Necessities when you don’t have access to a shower – FACE WIPES and BODY WIPES.

I heard once that you can never have enough Bungee Cords, so I took that to heart and purchased this ASSORTMENT JAR.

Have you heard about these PORTABLE CHAIRS everyone has been raving about? Compact and so comfortable.

SUPERGOOP! to the rescue. A variety of sunscreens all ready to go in a travel size pouch.

I rarely go camping, but when I do, an AIR MATTRESS is a must. This twin mattress is the perfect size to help get those ZZZZs.

When you need a little more than just a sleeping bag, but you don’t want to bring your regular sheets…this NAVY SHEET SET is a dream.

This MICROFIBER TOWEL is super absorbent/ultra compact and perfect for camping and backpacking.

Camping and hiking usually go hand in hand, so this WATER HYDRATION PACK is perfect for those excursions.

We have also heard amazing things about these WATER SHOES – quick drying and comfortable!

Taylor LOVES her SOLO STOVE and uses it right in her backyard to make s’mores with her kiddos. Or pack it up and have a bonfire with less smoke and smelly clothes.

The worst part about camping…having to pee in the middle of the night. This LANTERN will definitely help me make it safely. 😉

A 50 QT. COOLER that keeps your perishable items cold for 5 days and wheels like luggage. My Diet Coke will be safe and sound.

I didn’t even own a FLASHLIGHT when I went to pack for this camping trip. Who doesn’t own a flashlight?! Me, apparently.

Be sure to purchase these GLOW STICK BATONS (Red and Blue) and these GLOW NECKLACES (Red and Blue) for the funnest night game of Capture the Flag.

With all this gear we are sure to be HAPPY CAMPERS!

XOXO – The Buy Guide Team

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