First Birthday Buy Guide

Today is my baby boy's first birthday! I struggled trying to figure out what to get for him- he is the fourth child and we just don't need any more toys! We have everything we need and more. I asked our followers for their favorite first birthday gift ideas to help inspire me and together we made a great list of basics and tried and true favorites that any one year old would love.

first birthday collagefirst birthday 2


  1. Baby Stella is the perfect first baby doll. Soft, cute, just the right size.
  2. It seems like the toddlers are always fighting over the doll stroller. This one has great reviews and I always love finding a good doll stroller that isn't pink.
  3. This rainbow stacker is fun and beautiful. An heirloom toy to keep forever.
  4. This cow bouncer is the one we have. There are cute horsey bouncers too. They all do the same thing- I just seem to always choose black if given the choice.
  5. This Mini Chef Set has been a favorite since my oldest turned one. We like to take it in the bath and play chef in the tub.
  6. These darling mini backpacks are the perfect size for 1 year olds. They will love filling it with their favorite belongings. It also comes with an optional leash... which can come in handy...
  7. Start the train collection off right with this beginner Brio set and add onto it every year.
  8. We are big fans of the mini kick scooter and this one is a ride on version that transitions to a normal scooter as they get bigger.
  9. You will be amazed at the magic this bubble machine creates. Your one year old will love it- but so will any older kids. Don't forget to buy extra bubble solution.
  10. A lot of people like to buy something extra special for the first birthday. A cute rocking horse is a classic. This fox one is extra cute.
  11. A darling first vehicle set.
  12. The push and ride toy is a must for any one year old. This one is a favorite.
  13. An adorable stuffed animal friend to push in the stroller or have their 10 am snack with.
  14. Wooden Blocks are one of the basic B's. Gotta have em.
  15. All of my kids love putting a ball in the hoop. Over and over and over again.
  16. A mini wagon just their size so all their treasures can go wherever they go.
  17. A mini ball trio is a great way to start their sports training.
  18. We love this Hammer Ball toy and was also one of our follower suggestions.
  19. A cute Farm Set is a classic favorite.
  20. Pop Pop Piano!
  21. LeapFrog My Pal Scout- a stuffed educational animal friend that talks and sings songs
  22. I think any baby would LOVE this baby piano... it just comes down to how patient the parents are...
  23. Disney Hand Puppets were a followers favorite. She said her daughters were obsessed.
  24. Personalized Anywhere Chair (NOT AMAZON)
  25. Beautiful Play mat (NOT AMAZON)
  26. Custom Board Books (NOT AMAZON)