Tween/Teen Easter


Easter stuff for older kids is a little different. There's not much talk of "bunnies", if you know what I mean. But, its just as fun. Our favorite tradition is hunting for baskets. My parents did this for us every year and we all loved it. We write 3-5 clues (usually rhyming) for each child, and they have to follow the clues to find their baskets hidden somewhere in our house/yard. We work hard to make the hunt a challenge. Some years, it's taken them a couple hours to figure out the clues. I'm not going to lie, this takes some time. But it's worth it! My kids are ages 15, 14, 9 right now. We don't make a big deal about the gifts at Easter. Their baskets usually just have a few things I've wanted to buy them anyway & a little candy.

This Easter is kinda weird for us- we leave on our Spring Break trip Easter morning. So, I'm filling their baskets with things they can use on our trip.

Teen Girl Basket

- I've never thought these sandals were super cute, but they're popular right now. Maybe because someone who wears them must do fun/outdoorsy things? I do love that my kids love action. She will love these and wear them hiking all over Hawaii.

- I read this book and liked it. Any teen girl would be into it (and most of the John Green books).

- The teens around me all carry Hydroflasks everywhere with them. They decorate them with cool stickers. I love the idea of this carrier strap!

- Our favorite lip mask, so she doesn't need to steal mine :)

-I think she will love this coverup. And it will be so cute on her.

-I try to encourage her to wear sunscreen everyday. She is my fairest child, and I wanna protect that skin! Both my girls will wear this one. It feels like a light lotion, and isn't sticky at all. Those Korean beauty products are awesome. (This isn't waterproof- so just for daily use, not for swimming)

-I LOVE these mini eggs. She's going to have to hide them from me!

-Cute, simple baseball hat. Trendy & sun protection. It will make us both happy.

-These are our favorite zit patches. Linley, Taylor & I all use them. My daughter loves them too.


Teen Boy Basket

- I'm lucky to have a son that loves to read. It's a big job to constantly come up with new material for him. He actually just read both of these books and loved them. Both are based on inspiring true stories. One about a football team, and the other about a brilliant young boy who uses science to improve life in his village.

-Water-proof footballs are great for the beach or the pool.

-Easter Peeps. My husband and kids are marshmallow lovers. And they love these.

-Hiking, exploring, cliff-jumping sandals. He might be the most excited for our vacation and I can't wait to watch him love every minute.

-This brand of t-shirt is one of my son's favorites. It's comfortable, soft fabric and a good fit.

-These balls are made to skip/bounce on the water. My kids throw them into the waves and race to find it. Hours of fun.

-LED light up sling shot rockets. Don't these look awesome?! I'm excited to take them on our trip and play with them. I'll post some video about how they turn out!

-This is the hair pomade my son uses. He has thick hair. He likes it to look combed, but not too stiff.


9-year-old Girl Basket

-Our cousin told me about this book this week and I ordered it immediately. If you have a daughter, get it! It's a simple picture book, easy enough for 5-6 year olds to understand. But, the advice given is stuff we want our girls to hear again and again and again... so it would even be a meaningful gift to give a girl who's graduating this year. I love it.

-These bracelets are fun to stack. They're lightweight and water-proof. My daughters stack them along their shark watches.

-Easter squishy. I don't understand them, but the kids LOVE them!

-Adorable flip-flops. I kinda want the same ones :)

-Love this sun dress. It's pretty enough to be dressed up, but soft and cozy enough to be used as a cover-up. It's even cuter in person.

-Cute hat. You know me, always pushing the sun protection!

-Chalk markers are always a favorite around here. Hours of fun at the beach or on the side-walk. We will be bringing these on our trip for sure.

-Tootsie-pops are our favorite kind of sucker. The Easter version is so cute!

-A kite is such a fun spring-time gift. I have fun memories of trying to fly them when I was little and always love trying with my kids. Maybe we'll get a windy beach day on vacation that will be perfect!

Hope some of these ideas help you find cute stuff for your kids. As always, ask us if you have questions :)




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