Travel Favorites


Travel Faves

This is a crazy month for our family. My husband & I are on a trip with his parents and siblings right now, and then we are taking our kids on a trip for spring break. Do you ever feel like its either feast or famine in life? It seems like we haven't gone anywhere new for a couple years and then these two trips happen right on top of each other! ha. We are beyond thankful that we have these chances, but I also needed some help to keep it all together while traveling. I've gotten some new travel items that I'm loving and wanted to share:

1 | Packing Cubes

This is my first trip using my packing cubes. Tay & Linley told me they're great, and we gave Jenny Komenda a set in her box. I love them! I'm not a naturally neat person, but do like to be organized. The packing cubes totally help me stay put together while living out of a suitcase. I'm a fan.

2 | Portable Charger

A portable charger is a must when traveling- audiobooks, navigating a new city, and taking video all burn up that battery quick. I got a new one recently and I love it. Works awesome and needs less cords. I love that I can plug it right into the outlet, that it has a built in lightning connector, and that we can charge a couple devices at the same time.

3 | Blow Dryer

My sister in law is a world traveler. She raves about this travel sized blow-dryer. She bought it a few months ago and has already taken it on a handful of trips. I just ordered one for myself.

4 | Travel Sized products

I like to buy travel size shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, etc for when I travel (it's also a fun way to try out new products).

5 | Face wash

I always bring this face wash (I refill my travel size container from the jumbo size that lives by my sink). Linley loves these cleansing cloths for travel... (no risk of spills!)

6 | Travel cosmetics case

I bought the travel cosmetics case  Linley & Taylor suggested a few months ago. It's been great. I love that I can fit all my makeup, skincare, and travel size hair products in it. The hanging feature is great, and it's easy to work out of since the compartments are all clear.