Toys that last


Seems like every year I buy something on my kids’ Christmas list that I am SO excited for them to get- just to see it tossed aside after Christmas Day, never to be played with again. So I took a quick lap around my house today and made a short list of a few things that get played with over and over again by boys and girls and never get old.

1. Perler beads. For the past 2 years my kids have been playing with these non stop. It’s quiet, it’s creative, they love collecting their bead creations.

2. Puzzles have endless benefits for young children. From problem solving to motor skills- puzzles check all the boxes. This alphabet train one is darling and great for learning letters

3. Another favorite puzzle at our house- an adorable map of Manhattan.

4. Your kid needs a scooter. Do not bother with any other brand. Trust me. Get this one.

5. We have had this car for 1.5 years. Still going strong. A favorite of my kids and every kid that comes over to play.

6. After a month of nonstop playing- my kids cannot quit this card game.

7. This classic board game quickly became a favorite. Of all the games in our cupboard- this one gets played the most.

8. These cozy headphones come in all different animals and characters. If you have tried to keep headphones on your young one- you might understand how genius these are. Make sure you have some for any upcoming travels. (I recommend getting the Kids Kindle Fire along with them... I’ve learned the hard way-a few too many times -to stop sharing my iPad)

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