Those Newborn Nights


Desperate people do desperate things. I was never more desperate than those long nights with a newborn. I would do ANYTHING to get one more hour of sleep.  Now that I am on the other side of sleep training 4 babies- just know that I have been there. I am cheering you on, wishing you all the best of luck and a better night sleep. It is REALLY ROUGH but it gets better! Here are some things that came in clutch for me and my mom friends. Hope they help you too!

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The Dock A Tot was a new item on the market when I had my last baby and I just couldn't resist it. I put it inside of our bassinet, in bed with me, on the floor, in the crib, and it traveled with us everywhere.

I recommend the Rock N Play to everyone. It is affordable, easy to use, easy to store, and the perfect place to set the baby in any room. I loved it so much I had one on each floor of the house. My babies slept in these a lot those first couple months.

The Bassinest is the perfect bedside bassinet. It is adjustable to be the exact right height and swivels so you can comfortably get your baby in and out while sitting in bed. It also vibrates and plays music. (And my Dock A Tot fit perfectly inside- that was our winning combination)

Sound Machines have been lifesavers for me. Whether it was city traffic or three other kids running around the house- sound machines made it so baby could nap right through it. (And so I could get some sleep too)

Sound machine for on the go 

The sound machine I have in every room

The sound machine that my friend Kelsey says is amazing and I so now I want to try it.

This magic sleepsuit might be just what your baby needs to start sleeping through the night.

If your babies are prone to getting a flat head- try using this special pillow for prevention.

A velcro swaddle situation makes a huge difference. I like to think of myself as a really good swaddler- but when it's time for bed, I don't mess around.


Without causing a debate or getting hate mail- I would like to recommend a couple books that helped me with sleep training. Baby Wise was a game changer and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child had some great advice as well. I didn't fully commit to one theory. I just take bits and pieces from different books and create a plan that works for me and my baby.

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