2017 Stocking Stuffers- His

  1. Wireless headphones for his workout, his commute, or his conference call.

  2. Portable phone charger. Nothing worse than getting below 5% battery life while you're on the go...

  3. Does he misplace his keys, wallet, or phone? This will help him out.

  4. For sports, vacation, lifting weights... this ring is more comfortable than traditional bands.

  5. Anti-chaffing powder. If your man is active or lives in a hot climate, he will love it.

  6. I wish everyone had a magnetic car mount for their cell phones. So much safer to be hands-free!

  7. No more taking turns charging your phones on road trips.

  8. Hard working guys need hard working hand cream. (Tell him he might be able to touch you if he uses it :)

  9. I'm a fan of this couple, and I think the sub-title of this book could also be the title of my husband's life.

  10. Solid cologne- brilliant idea, right? Easier for gym bag or traveling.