2017 Stocking Stuffers- hers


Stocking Stuffers for Her

2017 List

My teen-aged daughter, my mom, and I would all love find these things in our stockings. Add her favorite protein bar or candy and you're all set!

  1. Every female loves this candle. Most of you go to Anthro to buy it. That's fine, or you could just add it to your Amazon cart... and I like this jar size.

  2. I LOVE my key chain pouf. It makes finding my keys while digging around in my bag much easier.

  3. My sister-in-law raved about this foot peel. I think it might be fun for all of us to do together over Christmas break.

  4. This is the best nail polish. I keep the top coat in my purse and apply it mid-week to help my manicure last longer.

  5. Bath bombs. For the woman who likes to relax in the bath. (these are currently $2 off)

  6. This lip oil. I have 3 different colors and love them all. You won't get me to shut up about this stuff. I LOVE it.

  7. Trendy & cozy socks.

  8. PLEASE BUY THIS CUP!!! For yourself first, and then for friends, neighbors, sisters, school teachers...

  9. Cute makeup bag

  10. All 3 of us use this eyebrow gel and love it. It's a winner.