Snack Stock Up


Sometimes junk food is more appealing simply because it's the easiest thing to grab! Stock up on healthier choices so when you need a quick bite- you have good options at the ready! These are a couple of our favorite healthier snacks that we order regularly from Amazon Prime. Subscribe and save when you can!

These bars are really so healthy. No hidden junk. I wouldn't say they are as good as a Snickers or anything... but when I'm on the go and know I won't have time to eat- skip a drive thru and have one of these instead. (My personal favorites are the peanut butter chocolate and the chocolate sea salt.) Sidenote- My 2 year old daughter LOVES the kids version because one of them comes in a bright pink wrapper!

Another favorite protein bar to keep on hand. If you are a busy- on the go person- finding a few bars you actually like makes life so much easier.

Have these little bags of popcorn in the pantry for those late night tv show cravings or to take with you to the movie theater.

Also big fans of these popcorn cakes. Eat them plain or add some yummy toppings for a quick healthy meal.

When you need a little sweetness- these kettle popcorn chips hit the spot.