Life is Hard. Smoothies are Easy.

Smoothies are a great way to get your nutrients in an easy, delicious way. Your kids will drink them, you can take them on the go, and they take only minutes to prepare. Getting into a good smoothie routine can take some practice, but once you know the recipes you love, are stocked with the ingredients, and have a dependable blender- nothing could be easier. Here are a few of our favorite smoothie buys to help you get started.

Cups w/ Lids and Smoothie Straws - For those that love a good disposable item.

Smoothie Tumbler - For those that love to reduce and reuse.

Vital Protein - For your hair, nails and skin!

Peanut Butter Substitute - Maintain the taste without the calories.

Magic Bullet - Individual smoothie blender. Guarantees no smoothie is wasted.

VitaMix and BlendTec - No discriminating here. Smoothie for the whole family in seconds.

Chia Seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 and they are rich in anti oxidants. An easy way to make any smoothie a little healthier.

Cacao is known for being rich in anti-oxidants. I like to use these cacao nibs.

Stevia is an all natural sugar substitute that makes even the healthiest and greenest smoothies a little sweeter.