School Valentines


I'm sure all you Pinterest moms have Valentines Day covered already- but for the Amazon Prime moms out there- here are a few last minute, easy, non- candy Valentines that all the kids will LOVE.


Amazon Prime & print at home 

For most of these options you will also need this size cellophane bags. And bakers twine.

Ninja Valentine

 Buy cute ninja stress balls HERE. These cellophane bags.  Download ninja card HERE.

Zoo Animal Valentine

Buy Zoo Animal Stress Balls Here. Print Zoo Animal card HERE. Cellophane bags.

Fidget Spinner Valentine 

Buy Fidget Spinner Pack of 24 here. Download Fidget spinner card HERE. Cellophane bags.

Pokemon Valentine

Buy Pokemon Balls here. Or Buy Pokemon bracelets here. Download Pokemon card in BLUE. Download Pokemon card in PINK. Don't forget cellophane bags.

Sports Valentines

Buy Sports Stress balls HERE. Download sports Valentine HERE.  Cellophane bags.

Car Valentines

Buy Cars Here. Download Car card HERE.

                                                                               Pencil Valentines

    Buy Valentines Pencils here. Download printable here.


You make me melt Valentine

Buy sweet treat erasers HERE. Download card from Three Little Monkeys Studio HERE.


Ready Made Valentines

These Cootie Catcher cards are adorable and a best seller

Cards that can turn into paper airplanes. Always a hit.

The kids would love to ask each other silly questions and spin this fortune telling valentine.








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