Favorite Things Party! -2017

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2017 Favorite Things Party List

Every year I throw a favorite things party around the holidays. It is always my favorite party of the year. A lot of my city friends traveled out to the burbs for it which was so nice of them, and further proves my point that it's everyone's favorite party. I always learn something new and add things in my amazon cart as people explain their items. So this year I decided to just make it a rule- Only items from Amazon Prime allowed. Hence PRIME PARTY! It's the new Favorite Things Night. Set a price range. Send an Evite. Free 2 day shipping. Easiest and funnest party you and your friends will have all year.

1. This Nest Holiday Candle was brought by a friend with killer instincts. Her taste is exquisite. I'll take one of everything she buys please. This candle is delicious and pretty. Treat yourself or bring the best hostess gift.

2. Felt board! This friend's go to gift to buy for pretty much any occasion. When it doubt- a felt board with a cute saying! Genius!

3. Do you have a friend that everything she owns is cute? Always put together and pretty? Like you have never seen her in old sweatpants... if she isn't fully dressed she is in a matching JCrew pajama set. She even had cute matching garbage bags at one of her parties! Well, these Kate Spade Tumblers are what she uses to stay hydrated. They come is so many cute colors.

4. This Aesop Hand soap has made a few appearances at favorite things night over the years. It's one of those things you don't think to buy yourself, but if gifted to you, you feel fancy every time you wash your hands. UPDATE- The price on Amazon has gone up since I grabbed this link. Keep it in your cart and wait for it to drop again or you can get it for under $40 here instead. Sorry!

5. There were THREE Echo Dots brought to the party and there was a brawl for each and every one of them. They are still 40% off right now. They are such a great gift for anyone- from kids to grandparents- everyone loves Alexa.

6. Burts Bees Lip Crayons- my friend's favorite colors are Hawaiian Smolder and Carolina Coast

7. Did you know our favorite lip oils come in this trio gift set!? Well, I did. I've gifted them and I've been gifted them. It was a popular pick and I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

8. Can't stop raving about this lip mask. Slap some on every night to combat chapped lips this winter.

9. I was excited someone brought this mascara for their favorite thing. I bought it for the first time a few weeks ago. I'm a fan too.

10. Someone brought this rose tinted cheek and lip stain. I'm excited to try it!

11. I'm going to try this stuff. My beautiful friend said after using this rosehip oil on her face regularly she doesn't feel the need to wear makeup anymore!

12. When your stunning model friend says she loves this charcoal face mask.... you buy the face mask. Obviously.

13. This foot cream sounds legit

14. Have you heard of this foot peel!? I have been hearing about it non-stop. Use this and your feet will peel off by the sheets, revealing baby soft skin.

15. My friend loves this body lotion. After going through a lot of chemo and being extra dry- this is the stuff that helped her dry sensitive skin.

16. The friend that brought this wave spray is the friend that we all joke has a glam squad because her hair always looks AMAZING. So when the friend with the best hair brings a hair product- everyone immediately adds to cart.

17. This hair tool is perfect for someone that hates doing their hair. Another great idea is giving it to a tween daughter that is learning how to do her own hair. This will make it easier for her.

18. I thought this travel pillow was absolutely genius! Perfect gift for someone that travels a lot!

19. Everyone needs a car mount for their phone. My friend loves this one.

20. I shared this game as one of our family favorites. A great, easy gift to give to friends or family you want to game night with.

21. My friend likes things to be clean and orderly. She loves these glass containers to make her refrigerator nice and uniform.

22. For the family of cereal lovers- these cereal containers are perfect.

23. Lots of people use dryer balls to cut down on drying time which is great- I am drawn to them because dryer sheets are full of really BAD chemicals. I don't want to put those chemicals on me or my babies.

24. When I pulled this Where's Waldo book out of the box, 5 moms all said at once how much their kids love this book. If it keeps my kids quiet and entertained- I'm sold. (And update- It was perfect for church yesterday. My kids loved it.)

25. I have never heard of this Exploding Kittens game but it sounds fun!

I didn't have room to do everything on this post, so I saved the health and wellness items to do separately. More good stuff!