Prime Party II


Before the chaos of Christmas began, I hosted a night of favorites from Amazon Prime - a "Prime Party". Each person brought their favorite item(s) from Amazon Prime ($35-$50 budget) and we played White Elephant style. Everyone loved it and couldn't wait to "add" each item to their cart. "I want everything" was mentioned more than once.

1. First up, this steamer was brought by my interior design friend who has tested them ALL and swears by it. She also brought these hangers that will make any piece of clothing hanging on them...more beautiful. Velvet hanger with gold - yes please!

2. You know those friends that you just love everything they wear, purchase, style, etc? Well, this friend brought an automatic soap dispenser with her go-to hand soap refill. Her favorite bathroom cleaner and traveling jewelry holder was also amongst her box of goodies.

3. I call this friend my worker outer. She is fit and fun!! She loves to switch her routines up, but when she finds things she really loves - she is the best sales person. She definitely practices what she preaches when it comes to health and nutrition. These protein bars and work out bands are MUST HAVES for her.

4. The Echo Dot is a favorite in my next friend’s home. A busy mom of three, with a singing voice to-die-for. Music is always playing in their home. "Alexa, play..."

5. This next friend, rocks glasses and a red lip like no one else. She is just the cutest and you always want what she’s having. She swears by these razors to remove the peach fuzz off your face - makes your skin feel silky smooth. And for silky smooth hair - her answer is this brush. PS. No one should brush their hair with anything else! She also brought the Echo Dot to share. It’s a winner!

6. For my Prime purchase, I couldn’t just decide on one favorite so it turned into purchase(s) (story of my life). 1 - bronzer. It looks good on everyone and smells like vacation. Wait until you see the price!! 2 - this heat protectant is the bomb-dot-com. Adds shine and protects, without the sticky aftermath! 3 - this brush (variation of the original) - like I one should brush with anything else. 4 - this ROSE Salve is so yummy on the lips!

7. This friend is definitely the one that lives by “a place for everything and everything in its place”. She brought these packing cubes and canned goods shelving (think The Home Edit) to help make life a little more organized!

8. A woman on the go, describes my next friend, so this portable charger is vital. She was recently introduced to Image Skincare (I am a HUGE FAN too) so she brought this milky face wash. It was definitely a hot item of the night. And for the rare moments she finds time for herself, she loves this Himalayan Scrub.

9. We have never met a Voluspa candle we didn’t like, but this Lemon might be a favorite. You know the saying “your brows should be sisters but not twins”? This Stroker Brow can help you get hair like strokes for those dang bald spots that just throw everything off. Think micro blading without the scary PERMANENT aspect.

10. My sister was in town for the Prime Party and I was so excited to have her. She is a busy mom of 5, as practical as they come, and queen of multi-tasking. So when she came across this tanning lotion that can be applied in the shower - she was sold. My sister purchased this lip oil from The Buy Guide’s recommendation and instantly became a lover too and wanted to share.

11. This friend/sister-in-law is the queen of salads. And with salads, comes the dreaded chopping. She brought this gadget to make all our lives easier and lower our band aid bill.

12. "Mmmmmm - what are you wearing?" This friend always smells so good (is that weird to say?) and loves these two perfumes (Red and Femme). Go ahead and click "add to cart" now.

13. The friend with the prettiest curled hair and hard evidence of REGROWTH. Post-partum mamas, can you hear me?! Regrowth! And these yummy vitamins will do the trick.

14. And last, but certainly not least - the friend that is a wizard in the kitchen and the mom you want to go to for advice. She shared this microwavable bowl and children’s book she has loved since she was a little girl. My son even recognized this book from school and said he LOVED IT.

Happy Shopping!

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