Favorite Things Party- Health picks 2017


2017 Favorite Things Party

More picks from my Prime Party! Lumped all these health and wellness items together!

1. I haven't tried this hot drink personally, but I have more than just the one friend that loves this stuff. We gifted it to my mom a couple years ago and she was hooked all winter long. Caffeine free. You will need a french press to make it.

2. We all know someone that is gluten free. This GF cookbook is absolutely beautiful. My friend that brought this book is way too cool to be my friend. She came straight from JFK- had just flown in from LAX where she had been off working for someone fabulous like Chanel or Gwyneth. We all would KILL for her shoe collection. I look forward to her picks every year and I know a lot of people on my gift list that would love to bake some delicious GF goodies from this book. She brought it with the most used flours from the recipes- This whole grain buckwheat flour and this white rice flour.

3. My friend that is always in physical therapy brought this workout mat. High quality and perfect for stretching and exercises.

4. I think I need one of these yoga wheels to help my back pain and bad posture.

These last three prime picks are my friend's favorite add in ingredients for her healthy smoothies.

5. She swears by this brain octane oil. She says its gives her SO MUCH ENERGY. Use sparingly.

6. She loves this Collagen Protein

7. And this Cacao Powder