Newborn Pajamas


I think babies should live in pajamas. I like to invest in cute pajamas and I pretty much never change them into real clothes. In these ones they will always be comfortable and presentable. 1. I found these sleepers last winter when I had my son. They are the new generation of baby gowns. Instead of elastic down by the feet there is pouch and a button closure. High quality. Incredibly cozy. Modern and adorable. Good color options.

2. I love a zipper footed sleeper. Stay away from buttons! I found these organic footed onesies that come in soft solid colors. I bought the white and baby blue in every single size for my son. They are a good price point and a great basic. Every picture I have of him wearing them he looks like a sweet little angel. There is absolutely nothing better than a baby in white!

3. These sleepers are my very favorite for the brand new baby phase. It unbuttons enough on the top that I can just slide the sleeper on feet first instead of having to pull it over their tiny head. It fits slimmer than my other baby clothes so it actually fits a newborn. It comes in so many great solids. The lavender was my favorite on my daughter and the slate color will always make me think of my brand new baby boy.

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