New Year New Gear


  Yoga Wheel - Not just for the yogis. These wheels are amazing for stretching and back pain. For a culture always hunched over- these help us open up the front side of our body and improve posture.

Mini-Loop Bands - Bands are so easy to have on hand for in home training or for traveling. Affordable, practical, versatile, and very effective.

Yoga Mat- If you are on the hunt for a yoga mat, this one has great reviews and comes with a convenient carrying strap.

Free Weights - this set is perfect for my at home workouts.

Foam Roller - Foam rolling will help speed up healing and recovery after workouts. Invest in one of these vibrating foam rollers and you wont have to splurge on a deep tissue massage.

Fitness Tracker - Keep track. Set goals. Do better tomorrow than you did today.

Men's Post Workout Wipes - If you can't go immediately from the workout to the shower- wipe down with these.

Women's Body Cloths - Freshen up with these bamboo cloth feminine wipes.

Extra Large Exercise Mat - A yoga mat is great for yoga. For anything else I appreciate some extra space. Trust me, you will wonder why you didn't upgrade sooner.

TRX Suspension Training Kit - A favorite full body home workout system that is killer and compact. Portable, easy for travel, endless ways to use it.

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