New Vacation Favorites


10 New Vacation Favorites

We are still on vacation... it's been almost three weeks of daily beach, pool, donuts & Mexican... Re-entry to reality is going to be so so brutal.

Since we are still in vacation mode- here are some of our new vacation favorites.

1 | Blue Swimsuit

Living in swimsuits, loving this color blue and getting lots of compliments on this cute suit.

2 | Cover-up

This matching cover-up is so good.

3 | Black Swimsuit

Always need a basic black swimsuit. This one has been my go-to this year.

4 | Sunglasses

Taylor's favorite sunglasses are going strong. Still love them.

5 | Swim Trunks

The little boys are rocking the Vineyard Vines swimsuits this year.

6 | Boden Swimsuit

This little girl Boden swimsuit is darling and holding up better than others.

7 | Shovel

The favorite beach toy is by far a good shovel. No contest.

8 | Sand Remover

Our California local cousin had this sand remover at the beach. She loves it especially for getting sand off her baby's face and hands. We think it's genius.

9 | Beach Bag

We found it! We finally found the perfect beach bag. Splash proof, washable, zips closed, great design. So excited about this!

10 | Surfer Toy

These surfer toys are so cool! Throw them in the waves and watch them surf!