Must Haves: Traveling with Kids


Traveling with Kids

We aren't travel experts, but we have done our fair share of traveling with our little ones in tow. Here are a few items that we have felt helped get us through those long travel days, whether in a car or on a plane. I think the key to every travel scenario is to be prepared, expect the worst and be willing to roll with it because WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE! Give your kids as many tools as possible to help them take care of themselves while traveling! To feed themselves, entertain themselves, keep their stuff organized and clean. The more they can do on their own the better! Where's Waldo - Travel Collection - Every single one of our kids loves this book. I traveled alone with my two kids a few months ago and surprisingly, this kept both my children engaged and searching for Waldo together for over an hour.

1 | Carseat Travel Tray

I used to make the trek to San Diego from Utah by myself every summer and this tray was genius. It kept everything in front of my son, so I didn't have to constantly reach back for everything he wanted or didn't want. I can't say enough good things about this travel tray.

2 | Spill Proof Sippy Cups

There is nothing worse than a spill! These cups will keep those liquids safe and secure.

3 | Water Wow Books 

Just add water and see what color appears. Again, all of our kiddos love these and they feel so independent. NO MESS! And they can color the same pages over and over and over again. Money well spent.

4 | Paint by Sticker

This is definitely something for kiddos that are a old enough to remove and place stickers all by themselves. This will keep them occupied for a good chunk of time. My 6 year old son loves to show me his creations! They turn out looking awesome.

5 | Spot It On The Road

For those times, they just need a good distraction, this game will keep them looking out the window and wanting to "spot it" first.

6 | Backpack

We have found that life works a little better and calmer when each child has a bag of his or her own to be responsible for and to enjoy the things inside, just for themselves.


7 | Backseat Organizer

If you have older kids, but still don't want to be handing things to and from the front seat, then this organizer is perfect.

8 | Kids Headphones

This will help take them into their own little world and keep other distractions ("annoying" siblings) away. If also saves your from having to listen to "Frozen" on repeat for the entire road trip.

9 | Would You Rather

Our kids love this game. It is a time to be silly and get the giggles out but sometimes the "would you rather" scenarios can be hard to come up with. This book gives you endless possibilities.

10 | Travel Scavenger Hunt

Another game that keeps the kids distracted. Always good to have on hand, even for those errand runs around town, to keep the kids from wanting another "show".

11 | Car Trash Can 

Keep the crap in one place. That way when you get to your destination, you have one trash can to empty rather than letting the lone chicken nugget rot in the third row. It is not pleasant to find it later.

12 | Car Vacuum

I am a clean freak and find that I am so much calmer when things are organized and tidy. But no one has time for a car wash and vacuum on vacation. Enter this little buddy - totally gets the job done and it's the perfect chore for your kids to do.


Have Movies, Apps, Books on Tape downloaded before your trip. Books on tape is such a good thing to listen to while traveling. Download a book that is just about your child's reading level and they will hang on to every word! We also love educational apps. My kids will practice mathematics or spelling while traveling and they love it!

Double and triple check that you have all coordinating chargers to the electronics you are taking!

We always have wipes and gallon size Ziplock Bags whenever we travel. You never know when they'll come in handy. And they always do. Trust us!

Taylor loves to pack each kid their own bag with their own snacks. That way everyone gets what they want, when they want it. And she doesn't have to keep hearing "I'm hungry!"

A lot of the things we listed above are definitely for those of a certain age. If you have a baby or even toddler, I suggest buying one new toy for a long travel day. They interest will be peaked at the new toy and how it works for quite some time.

Safe travels and we hope these few suggestions help make the process a little smoother and calmer!