Mandi the Dog


Mandi the Dog

There is only one dog in The Buy Guide family, and it's Ashlee's dog Mandi. She is a Mini Australian Labradoodle. She has such a sweet temperament and is definitely a pleaser. Everyone loves her.


Here is a big roundup of all Mandi's favorite things.

1 | Dog Food & Treats

2 | Dog Bed & Toys

  • This is Mandi's dog bed. I love it because it's machine washable. She loves it because it's so cozy. Any toddlers that visit our house usually try to make it their bed too ;)

  • I love cheap sets of toys like this one. They end up being only $2 each, so when Mandi chews it to pieces after a week, I'm ok with it. We just give her 2-3 toys at a time. Then we rotate or replace them. The trainer taught us to make sure she has her own toys to chew on and play with so she doesn't use our stuff!

  • Mandi also loves balls. We are still working on playing fetch. She starts off pretty good.... and then runs away and takes her ball with her to her nest :)

  • I think it's so adorable when she walks around the house with a stuffed animal. I kind of hope she picks a favorite and gets attached like kids do. But, for now, it seems like she rotates through the 3 we have pretty regularly.

  • Mandi sleeps in a crate at night. This is the one we have.

3 | Grooming & Washing

4 | Storage