School Lunch Buy Guide


School Lunch Buy Guide

A Rundown of our Most Loved Lunch Essentials


Lunch Boxes



Built NY Lunch Bag

These neoprene lunch bags are our top choice for school lunches. We can throw them in the washing machine, they are durable, don't take up a lot of backpack space, and toddlers to teenagers will use them happily. They come in a lot of colors and patterns. After trying all the different ways to pack a lunch- we like these best.  Our kids are fans too.



We asked our followers if they have a favorite lunchbox. The clear winners were Pottery Barn and Planet Box.

Pottery Barn Lunch Box

Pottery Barn Kids lunch boxes are a classic. They are high quality and there is a huge variety. Our followers had great things to say about their Pottery Barn Kids lunchboxes and how well they hold up. They also have cool bento boxes that fit nicely inside.  Might we add- we prefer the PB Teen Color options.

Planet Box

Planet Box is a big investment but people love them. They are definitely high quality and have so many great features.  We do think little kids like eating with this style box, but we don't think they work well for bigger kids. Taylor has bought a few of these and although they are still as good as new- her 2nd grader stopped wanting to use them because she thought it took up too much space at her public school lunch table. Also, no big kid sandwich is going to fit in that small square!  That being said- we stand behind the quality of this product and know that many people prefer these over bags.

Packing Lunches


We still have a month of summer vacation, so I'm NOT ready to be back on lunch-packing duty! But, we know a lot of you have already gone back to school. Here are a few of our favorite things to help packing lunch for school kids.

Lunch Bags

The best lunch bags- come in a variety of colors & machine washable!


Thermos to keep leftovers warm.

Snack Containers

Lunchbots snack container - for homemade lunchables, celery & peanut butter, carrots and cucumers with hummus... tons of options.

Sistema snack container


Our favorite rubbermaids - keeps anything that might get squished nice and safe. Theres a variety of sizes.

Ice Packs

My high schoolers also take a HydroFlask with them to school everyday. (the kids all decorate them with stickers) This carrying strap makes their lives MUCH easier.

More Lunch Ideas

  1. Beeswrap is a natural alternative to plastic wrap. It is washable, reusable, compostable. Perfect for saving something in the fridge or wrapping up your lunch to go.

  2. This is the coolest product. Perfect to replace plastic bags for packed lunches or storing leftovers. Microwave safe. Dishwasher save. They come in different sizes and colors. (Check out the colors Anthropologie has)

  3. Another great plastic bag replacement. These function almost the same as a ziploc- just safer for you and the planet.

  4. Darling scratch off Lunch notes.

  5. Cute Lunchbox notes

  6. We like a water bottle to keep on kid's desk or pack in lunch that keeps their drink cold and doesn't spill. This is a tried and true favorite.

  7. Sandwich shape cutters. My kids will eat a whole sandwich if it's shaped like an elephant but only 2 bites if its a rectangle... I'm just embracing it.

  8. Another great water bottle option for your kids to take the school. Love the color options of these little hydro flasks.