Little Girls McGee Box


Since Studio McGee is a family business, we thought it would be fun to include a box for their darling girls. A few of our tried and true favorites that we know any little girl would love.

This children's dishware line is a new favorite. Such beautiful colors- A definite upgrade from your ikea set. These little snack bowls with the little handles are the cutest! (Also comes in a blue set)

The most adorable pretend makeup set of all time.

We of course had to include this card game that is played non-stop in all of our homes.

This darling blue sun dress and this chic white swimsuit cover up are from the best children's clothing line on Amazon Prime. Such high quality and great design at affordable prices.

A darling book about a "wild" little girl sitting in her time out chair. If I Were A Lion is just as clever as it is beautifully illustrated.

A fun alphabet train puzzle that comes in its own cute carrying case. A favorite quiet activity.

Another favorite children's book. For Just One Day is about a child wishing for just one day they could be something else- a monkey, a whale, a bumblebee etc. In the end they are happy to just be themselves. It has a nice rythm and it rhymes. The kids love finishing the sentences by yelling out the next animal. This has been a favorite to read in our children's classrooms.



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