Little girl hair


Little Girl Hair

These are some of our favorite things for doing all the hair at our houses. It's another chore that we are so happy to make easier for everyone.

1 | Mini clear elastics

We've tried many kinds. These ones don't break! They will take a couple weeks to arrive sometimes- they come from somewhere international. But they're still cheaper than a pack at Target that will break.

2 | Lolly Pony

This little tool makes removing those elastics easy-peasy and pain free.

3 | Hair Brush

The BEST brush. We love this for everyone. We have one in every room.

4 | Hairspray

This one stays put on our little people's hair do's.

5 | Detangler

Linley loves this one- and her daughter has curls and needs a good detangler! We also only want a detangler/conditioner spray that smells good. (This one and this one are also great options.)

6 | Combs

This is a great variety pack for the family. We also love having a few of these around for creating a straight part.

7 | Hair box

Ashlee has this "hair box" at her house. When it's a busy morning, her daughter can bring her the box and it has everything they need to do hair. (Not running upstairs saves a valuable minute or two!)

8 | Thick elastics

Ashlee's girls have very thick hair. They used to break elastics daily. These "thick hair" ones hold a pony tail all day with no problems.

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