Life Changing Books


The best kind of books are ones that you think and talk about for years. These 3 books have been that great for me. I've read (or listened) to them many times. I've said this before- but I LOVE listening to non-fiction. Especially when the author is the reader. It's like a new friend just telling me all her stories. I use audible. 1. Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. We all love Brene. Isn't she the best? This is my favorite book of hers so far... I loved the emphasis on forging REAL connection in our lives. Our world is full of so much fake, I think we all need these reminders.

2. Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. If you are a mother and haven't read this book, please do! You'll love it! You will laugh and cry. Glennon is just so out there with all the messy, brutal, and beautiful parts of her life. Her willingness to be so open and vulnerable has a way of making us all feel better about our messiness. I'm always trying to be more like this- real without complaining, and able to embrace the brutal in my life without losing sight of all the beauty.

3. The Peacegiver by James Ferrell. If you are a Christian, you will love this book. Such a compelling way of teaching us how to utilize the power of the atonement in our real life situations and relationships. There are thoughts in this book that absolutely opened my eyes to how I could access the peace Christ offers.

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