A great New Years resolution is to journal more. Reflect more. Share more. Remember more.  For yourself, for your children, for future generations. It is one of those old fashioned things that we should never stop doing. These journals would also make a fantastic gift. A birthday, a newlywed, a kid off to college, a new mom, do it together as a family or get your own parents to write in one. Here are a few of our favorite journals that are pretty and make journaling easier.

  1. This popular One Line a Day Journal is a great way to get it done. Each page is one day and it has 5 sections for 5 years. So when you look back on it you will see your thoughts or what you did on that day for 5 different years. A fun and easy way to read a journal.
  2. This Q&A journal is also a 5 year journal and a similar concept but gives a prompt on each page.
  3. Gratitude journals are such a great way to improve happiness. It is impossible not to be happier when you are focused on what you are thankful for. This one has quotes and prompts and is well done.
  4. This Bucket List journal is a fun way to write down all your hopes and dreams and keep track of which ones you check off.
  5. This marble journal is for those of you who need more than 5 lines. You can take all the pages you need. And it's pretty. :)
  6. This Mom's One Line a day is so fun for keeping track of those years with little ones. Make sure to write down those adorable funny things they say.
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