Jenny's Box


Most of the things on this list are things we've already expressed our love for. We sent a box of goodies to our friend, Jenny Komenda, and some of you are asking for them. So here they are:

  1. BEST CUP EVER.   If you've been here a minute, you might be sick of hearing about this. But it is the best in the car, around the house, take to work cup. Multiple colors. We love it because it's big, it stays COLD (or HOT), fits in car cup holder, and is dishwasher safe.
  2. EYE MASK  These are Linley's favorite. Almost as good as a few more hours of sleep...
  3. CACTUS PACKING CUBES - we've fallen in love with packing cubes. Living out of a suitcase is the worst. These make it SO much better! And, since Jenny is an Arizona girl, we knew she needed the cactus print.
  4. This Bucket List journal is a fun way to write down all your hopes and dreams and keep track of which ones you check off.
  5. Simple & cute catchall -  We put these on bed-side tables, in guest bathrooms, or in the kitchen to hold your rings while you bake :)
  6. FAVORITE LIP OIL-  All 3 of us have this, and we use it daily. All the colors are good. It feels like heaven going on, and nourishes lips beautifully. Wear it alone. Or, a make-up counter gal just told Taylor that she puts it on before wearing any matte long-stay lipsticks...
  7. The easiest and healthiest way to pop popcorn.
  8. Brass clips to add some beauty to your shelves or pantry.
  9. Taylor loves the smell and feel of this hand and nail cream. (She likes to brag that her manicurist loved the smell and bought some too.)
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