The Home Edit Boxes


1 | Water Cup

Our beloved water cup in white and black. Her favorite colors.

2 | Sweatshirts

Wildfox makes the coziest sweatshirts. This one was the perfect colors and perfect saying for Clea.

3 | Microphone

Did you see their stories about the Uber with Karaoke in the back seat!? So hilarious. With this karaoke microphone, now they can always take karaoke on the road with them.

4 | Tape Dispenser

Clea has a thing for all things rainbow. We thought this rainbow tape dispenser was so cute

5 | Rainbow Socks

These rainbow socks would be the perfect addition to her uniform

6 | Glow Palette

This Glow palette by Becca and Chrissy Tiegan is so good. We love it and think anyone would.

7 | Design Book

One of our favorite design books.

8 | Melatonin

We have seen a few stories of Clea up late trying to get her son to sleep. We have been there... The chewable strawberry melatonin might be for him to take, but it is definitely a gift for her. And it is also great for traveling to different time zones all the time.


Joanna’s Box

1 | Eye Gels

These eye gels are the best.

2 | Sweatshirt

Joanna is a lover of candy and all things cozy. This sweatshirt was made for her!

3 | Lip Oil

This lip oil is a staple of ours. Feels like heaven.

Our favorite cup again. Because everyone needs to hydrate. And it's just that good.

4 | Design Book #2

The sister to our favorite design book in gorgeous green.

5 | Travel Pillow

Our favorite travel pillow! Joanna loves to sleep. Hopefully this will help her get some shut eye on her cross country flights.

6 | Healthy Chocolate Bars

These healthier chocolate bars are SO GOOD. Had to include our favorite guilt-free treat.

7 | Socks

These super cozy socks to go perfectly with her new cozy sweatshirt.

(PS- These socks are the same material/brand as our favorite cozy blanket)

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