Facial Hair


Hey Ladies-  many of you might have professionals take care of your facial hair... but I realized a while ago that I don't have time for that! So, I keep up with it myself. With the right tools, it's easy. These little razors are amazing. I know, it sounds crazy to "shave" your face. You've probably heard it will make your hair grow back darker or something... I had heard the same rumors. The thing that changed my mind was this video by Michelle Money (once a bachelor contestant). Tay sent me this video like 5 years ago and I've been shaving my face ever since. Now I tell all my friends. I LOVE it! Besides having a weird name- the razors are ideal for peach fuzz and super cheap. Game changers.

My favorite tweezers. You all need a pair, or two :)

These are my two favorite makeup items for my brows:

This brow pencil is my favorite. I've tried SO many. And, I don't think the perfect one exists... but this one works the best for me. (I linked to Ulta because for some reason its 2x the price on Amazon)

This clear gel keeps things in place. Some people love the colored boy brow by Benefit or the clear gel from Lancome... and you gotta go with what works for you. I've tried them all and definitely like this one best. (Cheapest on Amazon. yay!)

I don't mind spending my Saturday night with my lighted mirror and my tweezers.