Another day, another holiday...and Easter is right around the corner. All three of us, have those baskets the Bunny will be filling, on our mind. As we (I mean the Easter Bunny) fill those baskets, we will update this post. So be sure to check back in! We're on the hunt! Hoppy Shopping. XOXO

(For teens and tweens check out Ashlee's other post here.) (Check out stocking stuffer posts for even more fun ideas.)

Easter Basket Fillers

Lacing Sheep

If I Were a Bunny Board Book

Jellycat Stuffed Animal

Carrot Teether

Little Bunny Racer Car

Cute travel puzzles

Paint sticks

Bible Water Wow

Sparkle Watercolor Crayons

Chicken Shuffle Game

Bug Catcher/Magnifier

Critter case

Watering Can

Jabber Ball Bunny

Baby Bunny Toy

Toddler Puzzle Pouches

Dishware Set

Bunny Gloss Bar

Pastel Wooden Roller

HABA shakin Eggs

Cutest Pretend Make-up Set

Mini baby doll bunny

Mini Coloring Rolls

Rabbit Keychain


Jumping Jack Game

Lego Bunny Brick Headz

Bunny Ears Pack

Bunny Ears Ring Toss Game

Easter Bunny GO FISH


Little Girls


White Embroidered Dress

Drop Waist Dress

Pink Eyelet Dress

Blue Dress

Sparkle Watercolor Crayons

Bunny Gloss Bar

Pretend Make-up Set



When it comes to dress clothes for boys- we shop differently than we do for our girls. We have found that they need don't need a lot of options, but we need to spend more to get the fit and quality we are looking for.

Navy dress pants

Purple plaid button up

Blue Chinos

Seersucker shorts

White button up

Pink Tie

Bug Tie

Pink Shirt

Mint chinos

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