Cold/Flu Defense


Yikes. Its definitely cold/flu season in our area. Here are a few simple ways I try to fight off the germs. Good luck mamas! 1. My whole family takes a probiotic everyday. I've read it's good to switch it up periodically, but this one is our favorite.

2. I just recently found these. Usually, gummies arent the best vitamin choice.... but these seem legit. Upping vitamin C and vitamin D helps build immune response. I am happy to have vitamin C +D that my kids will actually take without a fight! 

3. Hand Sanitizer everywhere. Car, purse, house.... I also make the kids wash their hands right when we get home from anywhere (especially school and church!)

4. My youngest had a high fever for over a week last year. It was no fun and kinda scary for me. We couldn't find anything to give her relief until a friend suggested these. Am I the last to know about them? They're awesome! They totally give relief to feverish kids, but also help with headaches. Stock up!