Children's Oral Care


Last week I took my 7 year old and my 5 year old to their bi-annual teeth cleaning. Does anyone else leave every dentist appointment feeling like THE WORST parent ever?Dentist shaming is no joke! Also, dental bills are no joke! In case you don't know how to take care of your child's teeth, let me help you out- Our dentist just gave me a very thorough reminder (so embarrassing)...(Maybe you will be able to escape the shame and costly repairs.)

Your kids are supposed to brush their teeth twice a day:) An Electric toothbrush is best. My kids just upgraded and they picked this Star Wars toothbrush and my toddler picked the Princess Toothbrush.

They are supposed to floss every day. I have these cute flossers in all of the bathrooms.

This strawberry toothpaste is the only kind my kids love so I order it in bulk. I also bought these tube squeezers to put on every tube to help make it easier for them to squeeze.

Do your kids like mouthwash? My kids HATE it. I figure if we have a variety pack it might be more fun for them to be able to choose different colors or flavors every day? Maybe they will have fun mixing? Who knows. #Desperate.