Alright ladies (and my dad who has used one for as long as I can remember ), let's talk blow dryers. There are a million out there and how do you know which one is best for you? My sister in-law is a hairdresser, so I have had the opportunity to try lots of products and constantly talk shop. I have long curly hair that is deceivingly unruly. If I want any chance of smooth locks, the blow dryer comes out right after I towel dry my hair. It used to talk me a good 45 minutes to blow dry and round brush my hair, but NOT anymore. When this blow dryer came out, I was dying to try because I heard story after story about how it smooths and dries the hair in HALF THE TIME. It was definitely a splurge/investment/small car payment, etc. so I had a hard time biting the bullet. But my husband surprised me with one for Christmas and I am never looking back. You is the real deal and has changed my life dramatically! I no longer dread (as much) doing my hair. Half the drying time and my hair has never been so smooth. For those of you with damaged hair from heat exposure or color, I highly recommend this blow dryer. PS. The magnetic attachments will make you feel like a pro in no time.

Buyer Tip - the link above (Dyson Blowdryer) takes you to a retailer that is fabulous with returns. When I make a big purchase or I am on the fence, I buy through great retailers that value the costumer and guarantee a product. I don't have time or the means for headaches. I know that if I ever have a problem, all it takes is a return or exchange and I am back in business. I like having safety in my bigger purchases.

For those of you that think I am crazy for even thinking about a blowdryer that cost so much money...I get it, I hear you, and I support you. For me, I would buy it again and again, but understand it is not for everyone. So here is another option. Ashlee has this blowdryer and has been super happy with it. It's not in the dollar section at Target either, but it is reliable, lightweight and gets the job done. She is confident in recommending it to anyone. Plus, we found it on sale (20% off)!

Another dryer that is a cult favorite is, this one. It has been designed to get the job done fast and efficiently. You'll definitely have lasting blow outs that you'll love...Taylor definitely does. And again, there is safety in your purchase because it is coming from a retailer that puts costumer satisfaction above sales. All three of these are great and lasting options. Don't waste your time or money on the $30 blowdryers from Target, etc. Even though cost is cheap, you'll end up buying 3, while I am still using my one. I promise, buying a quality product will benefit your hair and wallet in the long run.

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