Birthday Gifts for 10 year olds


Lots of our 4th grade friends have turned 10 in the last month. Double digits! I've been searching for fun gifts & thought I'd share a few favorites... -We have this microphone at our house and its used everyday. Karaoke 24/7. So maybe that doesn't sound like such a good thing...? :) This microphone is great because it syncs easily with your phone.

- What is the deal with squishies?! I can't figure out why the kids like them so much... but they DO! We asked a couple darling girls what their favorite birthday presents were-- these mini squishies and regular sized squishies were mentioned both times.

- Beautiful & simple Make-Your-Own-Bath-Bomb-Kit. It's even more fun to get to make the bath bomb before you use it in the tub!

-A great fitness tracker for kids. But, it does more than just count steps. Through an easy to use app, you can set up rewards for chores and homework. Plus, no charging needed for up to a year. The three band options included aren't my favorite- but there are MANY more to choose from here. It's fun to find one that will fit the kid's personality

- Snap Circuits are a huge hit with this age group- for girls or boys. I love toys that also require a little brain power.

-I'm a little surprised, but these shoes are BAAACK! They're on the wish lists of all my kids and all their friends.

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