Homemade Wheat Bread


I got a refresher course last weekend on how to make my mom's perfect homemade wheat bread (technically she is Ashlee's mom too). We call my mom Bella instead of Grandma- so the bread is dubbed "Bella Bread" naturally. I believe she got the recipe from my aunt? who got it from her sister?... anyway- its been around a long time. I grew up on it. It is delicious and healthy. My kids are obsessed. Everyone is. First, you need wheat flour. My mom grinds her wheat to make her own flour and she uses this wheat grinder.

I grew up only using Bosch mixers - so that's what we use to make the dough.

Good bread pans. She prefers these uncoated loaf pans over the nonstick.

This food thermometer! This makes it so easy to know when the bread is perfectly done!  Stab this thermometer into the dough before putting it in the oven, set the thermometer to the temp your food needs to get to and it will beep when the dough reaches that perfect temp. (190 degrees F  for this recipe)

These bread bags are the perfect size for your homemade loaves of bread. After we inhale a fresh loaf right out of the oven, the rest of the loaves go in bags and into the freezer.

And here is the recipe! Let me know if you try it!