Beauty Sleep


Isn't it hilarious that sending a child to bed early is a terrible punishment for them? There's nothing a mother would love more than being sent to bed- at anytime of any day. Sleep is my favorite. A couple years ago during a visit with my dermatologist she told me she can tell how a person sleeps by looking at their face. She totally guessed correctly for me. I am a side sleeper and she could tell which side of my face I most often slept on. It kinda freaked me out! She told me she trained herself to sleep on her back to protect her face.... so I decided to try it. Guys, it's HARD.

1 | YourFacePillow

I bought this pillow to try to help. It's supposed to help make back sleeping more comfortable and give your neck better support. I've fallen in LOVE with this pillow. I can't say I've totally converted to back sleeping, but I do a lot better. Also, I definitely carry stress in my neck and used to have regular pain. Since using this pillow, I haven't had a problem.  (help with my face + my neck=yay)

2 | Alaska Bear Pillowcase

The pillow comes with a case, but I've read that sleeping on silk is better for both your skin and your hair. The silkier material reduces friction which means less frizz and breakage for your hair, and less lines and wrinkles for your face. I bought two of these silk cases for my pillow. They fit great, I love the hidden zipper, there are 25 colors to choose from, and I bought 2 so I could have a clean pillow case every few days.

3 | Sleep Mask

You've already heard about my love for my sleep mask. It's really amazing. I know it's kinda funny looking, but it works the best and is the coziest. Just try it- you'll be hooked.

All of this makes me want to get back in bed.

Sweet dreams, friends.