Beach Day


It's a gorgeous day here in Southern California, and we are spending our day off at the beach! I'm lucky that it's my family's favorite place to be. Maybe we can inspire you to start shopping for your spring break getaway.... These are a few of my must-haves for the beach.

-I love to wear a cute maxi over my bathing suit. I only get in the water on hot days, so I like to be cozy as I chat with my friends and watch the kids play. We have both this short sleeve floral maxi, and this tank maxi (with pockets!) at our house.

- Have you ever shopped for swim suits on Amazon before? They sometimes have better prices than the department store & they have knock offs of designer brands too. I love my La Blanca suit and this one is so good.  This knock off is adorable in the black or white.

-A couple years ago I started always wearing a hat. I wish I'd started sooner! I usually wear either a trucker hat or a lifeguard style hat. I like the wide brim and the chin strap (it's breezy at the beach).  There are a lot of great option- like this one, and this one.

-I love to use the large cooler bags they sell at Costco or Trader Joe's for bringing our food/snacks to the beach. The bag is easier to carry.

- We have a couple favorite sunscreens. And, we've tried TONS. This is an all-around favorite. Smells good, feels good, and the kids don't complain. Its tricky to keep kids faces protected if they're constantly in the water ... but this stick has worked the best for us. Make sure to get the clear stick (I linked it) my kids much prefer that to having an all-white face.

- These chalk-markers are a major crowd pleaser at the beach. Kids of all ages love them. I keep a baggie of them with me and they find rocks, shells, feathers, and sticks to color and make creations with. They also have a blast giving each other tattoos. They're awesome because you leave all the mess at the beach and water washes the color off the kids.

- Local beach tips:

  1. PLEASE don't put a life-jacket, puddle jumper, or floatie on your child. It won't prevent waves from knocking them over, and will only make it harder for them to jump up quickly. Keep the floaties for the pool!
  2. When you set your stuff up at the beach, do your best not to sit down RIGHT in front of someone else. Everyone wants to see their kids in the waves. Obviously, on crowded days this might not be possible.
  3. Don't stress about your babies and the sand. They'll be fine, I promise.
  4. Stop at the lifeguard tower and have the lifeguard show your family where the rip currents are and how to handle them.
  5. Take all your trash- every empty snack bag and napkin- with you. We love our beaches and want them to stay beautiful.
  6. Stay until the sun goes down. The hour before sunset is my favorite beach time. So beautiful!!

Have fun! xo