Valentines Gift Ideas


Valentine's is what I call an "extra curricular" holiday. Which means it gets a big fat eye roll from me! I do what I can, and don't worry about all the heart attacked breakfasts other families are partaking in and posting. If that is your love language, more power to you and I am sure your families LOVE it. Feel free to invite my kids over! But for me, it all gets a little overwhelming. In fact, usually by St. Patrick's Day, I have a mini freak out and vow to boycott all holidays from there on out. So we have chosen to simplify. We don't go big, but here are a few of our favorite valentines gift ideas.

Valentine's Love for your Girls

Valentine's Love for your Boys

Valentine's Love for Him

We all know what he really wants, but since Grandma follows us, we'll stick with the links below. 

Valentine's Love for Her

A little pretty and a little relaxation. 

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