14 year old Boys


My one and only man-child is turning 14 next week. There's something special about moms and their boys, am I right? I just love this kid. But, he's good at using up every ounce of my patience and energy. I'm proud and hopeful when I see the person he's becoming... also terrified and praying lots. I'd never want to be a teenager again. It's hard! My first tip for buying gifts for teenagers is: give them money. Pair it with their favorite candy or a picture of you with them (especially if it's a funny picture).  They'll be thrilled.

Here are a few gift ideas for teenage boys:

-A cool watch. Each kid will care about different things. Here in Southern California, lots of teens have these watches on their wrists. (cuz you can wear them in the waves)

A tool set. My guy likes to tinker with his bike & skateboards. He also likes to learn how to fix or build things with dad.

-A drone. This one is cool because it's app controlled. Or, a GoPro. My teens have LOVED theirs and used it more than I ever imagined. Videos of the waves, or of a sick skate jump, or of a dumb prank... great footage is something all teens are into. We have the 5, but my kids would love to upgrade. The GoPro 6 looks amazing.

- Blue tooth ear buds. My son & his friends love that these can hide under their hair or their beanies during class. (Hopefully no teachers are reading!) I have this specific ear bud too & have loved it. I use it in my car or while I'm doing stuff around the house and want to talk on the phone or listen to an audio book. It's been great while I save up for the Apple Airpods :)

- Boys always need new shoes. They go through them SO FAST!  I always choose Vans or Nikes. Both are fan favorites.

- Teenage boys are both hilarious and totally annoying. They pride themselves on it. They'll always find creative uses for stink bombs, whoopie cushions, or a mega phone.  (Warning: these gifts might be used on you. It's risky.)