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How We Started.

We are family & best friends. Ashlee & Taylor are sisters, Linley is their cousin. We've been guiding each other on what to buy for years. We share our favorite fashion finds, gift ideas, mom hacks, and anything that saves us time. We decided everyone should be invited to these conversations. So we started The Buy Guide.

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There's nothing better than recommendations from girl friends

We don't have time for clothes that don't fit right, or for kitchen products that don't hold up. If we say we love it, we REALLY do. (pinky swear)

We want The Buy Guide to be more about the products we share and less about us. We hope you'll get to know us and, more importantly, know you can trust us even without many selfies.

The best things about The Buy Guide have been laughing at ourselves, and connecting with all of you. Some fabulous product suggestions have come from readers. We hope The Buy Guide continues to grow into a large network of great shopping finds and practical life solutions.

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Life is Hard. We Make Shopping Easy




Linley lives in Utah. She is our resident fashionista and her house is for sure the cleanest. She's always had an eye for beauty and a knack for making it practical. She and her husband have two children ages 7 and 4.


Taylor lives in New York. After 8 years in the city, their fourth baby forced her & her husband to the suburbs. She is the drive and the big ideas of our operation. Tay is creative, and direct, and tired (4 kids). Her kids are 8,6,3,1.


Ashlee lives in Southern California. She likes to be cozy, loves to research, and gets excited about finding solutions to everyday problems (the Stanley Cup!). She and her husband have three kids (16, 14, 10) who all love the beach life.